Exumer studioon kesällä

Saksalainen thrash metal -yhtye Exumer siirtyy studioon tänä kesänä yhdessä tuottaja Waldemar Sorychtan (Grip Inc., Enemy of the Sun, Moonspell) kanssa nauhoittamaan bändin ensimmäistä albumiaan yli 24 vuoteen. Bändin kolmas kokopitkä albumi nauhoitetaan ja miksataan kesäkuun alun ja heinäkuun lopun välillä. Lue lisää nähdäksesi vokalisti Mem Von Steinin kommentit asiaan liittyen.

”We basically took off from playing live for this entire year in order to concentrate solely on writing, recording and mixing this record.

”Waldemar was the most logical choice for us in regards to producing this very important album. We heard what he had done with the last SODOM album and we all agreed that he is capable of preserving the spirit of a 1980s thrash band but still make them sound relevant today. That is exactly what we envision for EXUMER. We became quite confident that we will achieve this objective after meeting Waldemar earlier this year and trust his intuition as a producer, songwriter and musician, as well as his ability to push EXUMER’s envelope when it is necessary.”

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