Eyes Set To Kill kitaristi/vokalisti jätti yhtyeen

Kitaristi/vokalisti Greg Kerwin on jättänyt yhdysvaltalaisen post-hardcore -yhtye Eyes Set To Killin. Lue lisää nähdäksesi virallisen viestin bändin vokalistilta Alexia Rodriguezilta.

”We have recently parted ways with Greg Kerwin so that he may pursue a different lifestyle outside of the music world. Although he has been an important part of Eyes Set to Kill for three years, I have been, and will remain the sole songwriter for the group. I can’t wait for the ESTK fans to hear the new music that we have been working on! We wish Greg the best of luck while he finds he way, and we apologize to the fans, our friends and families for yet another departure from the group. It has been six crazy years, but I am so happy that the core and true heart of the band still remains.”

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