Falling In Reverse vokalisti sotaan Sumerian Recordsin kanssa

Falling In ReverseYhdysvaltalaisen post-hardcorea soittavan Falling In Reversen vokalisti Ronnie Radke on tällä kertaa tehnyt rap -kappaleen, jossa hän haukkuu Sumerian Recordsia, entistä Sworn Enemy kitaristia Lorenzo Antonuccia sekä I See Starssia. Lue lisää kuunnellaksesi kyseinen kappale sekä lukeaksesi kappaleen lyriikat.

“Sumerian Records are a bunch of fucking punk pussies, so is Lorenzo. You fucking bum piece of shit. Fuck you, ‘bada bing bada boom’ my fucking ass motherfucker. You were never at my show. You never came down cause you’re a bitch made motherfucker and you won’t do shit. Fuck you and all your friends.”

“Sumerian Records, Ash, ‘Sumerian Records‘, really? You have a Sphinx as a logo. A Sphinx. An Egyptian logo, right? That is a totally different race from the actual Sumerian. Those are two different races. That’s like me naming my record label Christianity Records and having a Buddha as our mascot you fucking idiot. Fuck you.”

“Fuck I See Stars you fucking punk pussies. Every single one of you. You know exactly why you were on the fucking tour. Trying to make up some shit so you could get your band to sell a couple more records. Come at me when you can at least sell out a venue, you fucking bitch. Fuck all you. Fuck everyone. Fuck all that fans that agree with I See Stars too. Fuck you, I don’t give a fuck about any of you motherfuckers.”

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