Fallujah kiinnitetty Unique Leaders Recordsille

Yhdysvaltalainen death metallia soittava Fallujah on kiinnitetty Unique Leaders Recordsille. Yhtye on parhaillaan studiossa nauhoittamassa uutta albumiaan nimeltä ”The Harvest Wombs”, jonka on määrä ilmestyä tämän vuoden lopussa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen virallinen viesti sopimukseen liittyen.

”We are excited to be part of the Unique Leader team and to be among bands we have respected for so long. After so much hard work writing and touring we are excited to finally have completed a record that we not only are proud of but that will completely reinvent the sound and atmosphere associated with FALLUJAH. Expect something fresh, complex, and thought provoking. 2011 will be an exciting year not only for the band, but also for all the fans who have been anticipating this release for so long, be excited for ’The Harvest Wombs’. ”

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