Five Finger Death Punch joutumassa oikeuteen levy-yhtiönsä Prospect Parkin kanssa

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 26.4.2016

YFive Finger Death Punch 2015hdysvaltalaisella metalli-yhtye Five Finger Death Punchilla ei mene tällä hetkellä liian hyvin. Yhtye joutui hiljattain perumaan kiertueensa Australiassa yhdessä Black Sabbathin kanssa bändin vokalistin Ivan Moodyn jouduttua sairaalaan ja nyt yhtye on toistamiseen joutunut ongelmiin. Tällä kertaa bändin tämän hetkinen levy-yhtiö Prospect Park on haastamassa yhtyettä oikeuteen sopimuksen rikkomisesta. Yhtye on kirjoittanut levy-yhtiön kanssa kaiken kaikkiaan neljän albumin mittaisen sopimuksen mutta ei ole pystynyt noudattamaan kaikkia siihen kuuluvia ehtoja mm. ”Best Of” albumin julkaisusta. Yhtye on kieltäytynyt toimittamasta kyseistä julkaisua levy-yhtiölle ja samaisessa yhteydessä myös julkaissut uusimman ”Got Your Six” -nimisen albuminsa liian sopimuksesta löytyviin ehtoihin nähden. Voit lukea Prospect Parkin Californian yleiseen tuomioistuimeen jättämä syytteen 21. päivä huhtikuuta tästä:

”Regrettably, with the encouragement and assistance of their entertainment lawyer and business manager, the members of FFDP have unequivocally repudiated their contractual obligations to permit Prospect Park to determine the recording elements of a new record and a greatest hits record. In doing so, the members of FFDP are shamelessly attempting to cash in before the anticipated downfall of their addicted bandmate. By this action, Prospect Park seeks to hold FFDP true to its obligations under its written recording contract, thereby allowing Prospect Park to obtain the benefit of the bargain it struck in that agreement, and at the same time, to prevent the band from disregarding the health and safety of a bandmate and destroying itself.”

Prospect Park claims that ”FFDP has unequivocally stated that it will not comply with its obligations under the Recording Agreement. FFDP has stated that it intends on recording the Fourth Album and two new Greatest Hits Masters using a producer of its choosing, without consultation or involvement of Prospect Park, and without acknowledgment of the rights of Prospect Park under the Recording Agreement. To date, FFDP has failed to submit any proposed Recording Elements for [Prospect Park’s] approval. FFDP has submitted Recording Budgets, but those budgets were disapproved by FFDP. Despite the foregoing, [the members of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH] insist that they intend on recording the Fourth Album in June 2016, all in direct repudiation of the Recording Agreement. Similarly, [the members of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH] insist that they intend on recording the Greatest Hits Masters in direct repudiation of the Recording Agreement.”

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”In rushing to record a new Fourth Album, FFDP is damaging itself and Prospect Park by cutting off the marketing and promotion and success of the Third Album, which is currently in its album cycle. Additionally, Prospect Park alleges on information and belief that FFDP is threatening to record the Fourth Album and Greatest Hits Masters, in violation of the clear provisions of the Recording Agreement, because it is concerned about the health and well-being of Moody, and in particular his ability to continue to fulfill his obligations as a member of FFDP and under the Recording Agreement. Based on FFDP’s own assessment, Moody is unable to perform at the level required under Section 3.01 of the Recording Agreement for delivery of the Fourth Album’s master recordings or Greatest Hits Masters.

”In recent months, members of FFDP and their representatives have repeatedly told Prospect Park of their extreme concern for the health and well-being of Moody, whose escalating substance abuse is placing both the future of FFDP, and indeed his life, at risk. FFDP’s own words demonstrate this fact: (a) a November 28,2015 text that the ’the writing is on the wall,’ and that, ’it’s a matter of time before [Ivan] hits the wall — and once he does — it will be too late to sell’; (b) a December 3, 2015 email stating: ’if Ivan does something stupid — dies…., goes away to jail — then the catalog is a bust — then we won’t be able to sell and we’ll be trying to salvage what we can — IF we can … so to me it’s imperative to make a move and sell]’; (c) a January 8, 2015 text referring to Ivan as a ’ticking time bomb’ that was getting in the way of an ”8 digit payday” for FFDP; (d) a January 19, 2016 text stating: ’there is no sign of him slowing down both his health and his behavior is deteriorating — heaps of legal troubles and he is burning the candle at both ends.’; and (e) a January 19, 2016 text stating: ’I don’t want to cry doomsday … but I don’t want to be saying I told you so either (as far as Ivan is concerned) — there is a moment we need to cash out the chips — betting one more hand is almost irresponsible at this point.” More recently, [the members of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH] have notified [Prospect Park] that Moody is in an in-patient rehabilitation facility for an unknown duration of time.”

”On information and belief, Prospect Park alleges that the other members of FFDP seek to capitalize monetarily as soon as possible, at the expense of Moody’s health and welfare, and the clear mandates contained in the Recording Agreement.

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”In light of the foregoing, control over the Recording Elements is particularly important for at least the following reasons: (a) the precipitous decline in sales that occurred when Prospect Park acceded to the demands of FFDP in the recording process; (b) the fact that radio has told Prospect Park that the ’sound’ of FFDP is getting stale, requiring greater creative input; (c) Prospect Park’s determination that the Fourth Album is critical to the success of FFDP and the value of the catalog; (d) Prospect Park’s disappointment that FFDP has failed to reach the Platinum and Multi-Platinum success of numerous of its previous artists; and (e) the real concerns about the health and well-being of Moody, many of which have been expressed in writing by his bandmates and representatives.”