Five Finger Death Punchin ja rumpali Jeremy Spencerin tiet eroavat

Jo jonkin aikaa selkävaivoista kärsinyt Five Finger Death Punch -yhtyeen rumpali Jeremy Spencer on päättänyt jättää bändin. Spencer kokee, ettei hän enää pysty panostamaan bändiin riittävästi. Spencer kertoo miettineensä asiaa jo kuukausia:

”This decision has been weighing on me for months; and now the time has finally come. I started to play when I was six years old, and I feel fortunate that my body has provided me with several decades of doing what I love most: drumming. However, the rigorous physical wear and tear has got me to the point where I feel I can no longer deliver a performance that brings me satisfaction and joy. I feel the band deserves to get someone with the fire and energy, capable of delivering the performance that the fans deserve. Like you, I will be cheering them on to continue making great music as they tour the world and bring exciting shows to all our cherished fans.”

Syksyn kiertueella yhtyeen korvaavana rumpalina toimi 33-vuotias, Minnesotasta kotoisin oleva Charlie Engen, joka on opettanut rumpujen soittoa 15 vuotta ja soittanut esimerkeiksi yhtyeissä Ideology ja Scale The Summit.