For The Fallen Dreams menetti rumpalin

Yhdsyvaltalaisen metalcore -yhtye For The Fallen Dreamsin rumpali ja yksi perustajäsenistä Andrew Tkaczykin on päättänyt lähteä bändistä. Tkaczyk on vielä lähdöstä huolimatta hyvissä väleissä lopun yhtyeen kanssa. Bändi etsii tällä hetkellä uutta rumpalia ja heillä on jo muutamia potentiaalisia ehdokkaitakin Tkaczykin korvaajaksi. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Andrew Tkaczykin virallisen viestin lähtöä koskien.

After starting this band with Jim almost 8 years ago in 2003, I can say that my life since then, has been nothing short of amazing. I have had experiences and seen things that a lot of people will never get the chance to, and I’m very greatful. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to places like Australia, UK, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and our own beautiful country dozens of times, to play shows and live my dream. Recently I hit a point in my life/ career where I had to make a decision that was not easy to make. I realized that it was the right move for me to step down from FTFD. This in whatsoever has anything to do with any of the guys in this band. It was a personal choice that had been building up inside me for months, and it only felt right to go the path that I’ve chosen. Jim, Dylan, Kalan, Jaime, and anyone else who has been in this band and shared these times with me, I thank you. You all have played huge and important roles in my life. I’ll never forget the times we shared.

I wish the guys in FTFD the BEST of luck as they are recording their 3rd full length record as we speak. I guarantee all of you that this happening will not affect or slow down this band at all. They’re going to make an amazing record for you guys. All of these guys are still some of my best and this doesn’t change that. With that being said I’d like to make it clear that this also is not the end for me in music. I will be pursuing other projects in time, and I will still be writing and releasing material on my own. I will also be writing for some other bands as well. Once again I’d like to thank everyone in FTFD, Ryan ”Dog” Nelson, Craig @ Rise Records, Pantheon Agency, and anyone else who has helped FTFD grow over the years. I love you all more than words can describe!

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