Frosttiden leirissä kuohuu: laulaja ja basisti erotettu yhtyeestä


Frosttide 2015Kotimainen folk metal -yhtye on ilmoittanut erottaneensa perustajajäsen Joni Snoron sekä basisti Lauri Myllylän, ja kertoo työstävänsä seuraavaa albumiaan jäljelle jääneiden kolmen jäsenen voimin. Miehistön muutokset eivät tule vaikuttamaan levyn valmistumiseen tai yhtyeen tuleviin keikkoihin, ja kitaroista ja taustalauluista vastannut Juho Patinen tulee jatkossa toimimaan pääasiallisena vokalistina. Snoro on kertonut yhtyeen sopineen asiasta täysin hänen ja Myllylän selkiensä takana, ja he suunnittelevatkin parhaillaan uuden yhtyeen perustamista. Frosttiden tiedotteen voit lukea tästä:

”FROSTTIDE parts ways with Joni Snoro and Lauri Myllylä

We are saddened to inform that due to personal differences and motivation problems. FROSTTIDE has decided to part ways Joni Snoro and Lauri Myllylä. The band will continue working as a 3-piece on the follower of Blood Oath which will see the light somewhere next year. We thank Joni and Lauri for their time in Frosttide and wish them the best in their musical career with their new project.

This situation does not affect the album making process neither the sound of the band. The only difference will be the vocals that will be done from now on by Juho Patinen.

Our show in Bäkkäri, Helsinki on 10.12.2016 will remain as planned. Guitars and bass stations will be covered by two session musicians which will be announced next month.

We thank you for your understanding.


Snoro on kommentoinut aihetta seuraavasti:

”You might have seen the statement in Frosttide’s Facebook page saying that me and Lauri are no longer in the band. Boys didn’t wait for any of our words to the statement so I wrote my own.
There wasn’t any face to face meeting about this, no phone conversations and not even a chat together here in Facebook.
Lauri and I got a notification that we were kicked out from this Facebook page and after that we realised the passwords for all social media accounts were changed behind our backs.
After that we got one message from Joonas, Juho and Felipe in Facebook in English saying that we are out of the band.
One day after that we also got a letter where it was stated that we were kicked out of the Frosttide co.
How boys dealt with this was totally unacceptable, cowardly and it didn’t show any respect to us. Surprise, surprise this ended our friendship and we’re not going to be in touch with them after this.
I created Frosttide in 2009 and during these 7 years Frosttide released 2 EP’s, 2 full length albums and had the chance to play shows in 10 different countries. During the time I met hundreds of great people, created life-long new friendships and got lots of great memories. So I want to thank all those people and especially all the fans who have been sharing this ride with me. Thank you!
Believe it or not – every cloud has a silver lining! My story won’t end here. I created a new band and we will continue with it together with Lauri from now on.
We will announce the band name, logo, members etc. when the time is right but already I can tell that song composing is on and the material will blow your mind. Stay tuned and follow our personal profiles so that when the time is right for a new coming, you will see the news!

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