Gene Hoglan Dark Angelin tulevasta paluulevystä: ”Meillä on valmiina viisi tai kuusi tappavan kovaa kappaletta”

Kirjoittanut Teemu Esko - 8.2.2017

Vuonna 2013 paluun tehnyt yhdysvaltalainen thrash metalin veteraani Dark Angel valmistelee parhaillaan uutta albumiaan, joka on samalla yhtyeen ensimmäinen julkaisu yli 25 vuoteen. Mm. Testamentistakin tuttu rumpali Gene Hoglan on nyt antanut haastattelun liittyen yhtyeen tulevaan levyyn ja hän kertookin albumista seuraavaa:

”We started writing this new album, Jim Durkin and myself, in 2014. It was kind of an open year for me, there wasn’t a lot of TESTAMENT stuff, there was a little bit of DEATH TO ALL going on and it gave me time to do a lot of DARK ANGEL stuff that year. Originally, we just threw it out: ’Let’s get back together. We’ve got offers to get back together and play some shows and, hey, maybe we can write a little music, see how that goes.’ And the shows were super amazing, super successful.”

”The band, we’ve always gotten along. We never broke up due to acrimony; we broke up because it was time to move on. So all the guys getting together, it’s been amazing, and we’ve all grown up. We used to argue like brothers, like teenage boys back in the day, and now we’re just polite older chaps.”

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”The best way for us to write a DARK ANGEL record is when Jim and I are in the same room, we’ve both got our guitars on, I’m throwing ideas, he’s augmenting them, he’s throwing out ideas, I’m augmenting them and we work really well together. That has been a little challenging, schedule-wise, but hopefully over the course of this year, we’ll get a little time in and I’ll give Jim a shout and see what his schedule’s like. I know when I have my gaps so far this year, and maybe we can get together.”

”We’ve already got five or six songs ready to go and they’re killer. The stuff Jim’s writing is deadly. And I’m trying to carry forth the youthful energy and aggression of ’Darkness Descends’ with a little bit of what we were doing with ’Time Does Not Heal’ and some cool-ass ’Leave Scars’ thrown in. It sounds like DARK ANGEL, but I’m trying to err on the side of hyper-aggression, and that’s cool with me. You never go wrong going heavier. So write a shit-ass heavy fucking record, that’s gold in my book.”

Koko haastattelu on luettavissa täällä.

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