Ghost Bath julkaisee lokakuussa uuden ”Self Loather” -albumin: kuuntele ensimmäinen single ”Convince Me to Bleed”

Yhdysvaltalainen black metal -yhtye julkaisee neljännen studioalbuminsa nimeltä ”Self Loather” lokakuun 29. päivä Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Uutisen kunniaksi bändi julkaisi ensimmäisen singlen nimeltä ”Convince Me To Bleed”.

Bändin laulaja Dennis Mikula kertoo levystä:

“’Self Loather’ was always a part of my creative vision. I had imagined this final record of the trilogy to be heavier, more devastating, dark, and vicious. It is by far the record most filled with hatred. The three basic human emotions I wanted to capture were tragedy (’Moonlover’), ecstasy (’Starmourner’), and dread/hatred (’Self Loather’). While at the same time, all of these express depression and sorrow. I believe in this record we found our sound. The original title was Sunloather, and though I hate the sun, I found that it did not fit with the theme of everything we were forming. There is something I hate much more than the sun. And so we made the decision to forego the cosmic prefix and replace it with the true nature of this album. Self.”

”Self Loather” -kappalelista:
Convince Me to Bleed
Hide from the Sun (feat. CJ McMahon of THY ART IS MURDER)
Shrines of Bone
Sanguine Mask
Crystal Lattice
Sinew and Vein (feat. Graf of PSYCHONAUT 4)
I hope death finds me well
For it is a Veil
Flickering Wicks of Black