Ghostin Tobias Forge biisinkirjoitustyylistään: ”Haluan tehdä vaikutuksen”

Kirjoittanut Suvi Seppänen - 8.10.2021

Ghost-yhtye julkaisi hiljattain ensimmäisen uuden kappaleensa kahteen vuoteen. ”Hunter’s Moon”-nimeä kantava single on solisti Tobias Forgen käsialaa, kuten pääosin muukin Ghostin tuotanto. Forge on kuitenkin kertonut WRIF-radiokanavan Virtual Rock Roomin haastattelussa pitävänsä biisinkirjoittamisesta yhdessä muiden ihmisten kanssa. Hän kertoo tuovansa tuovansa yhteisiin luoviin hetkiin raakileita, joilla voi tehdä vaikutuksen kollegoihinsa:

”I usually write bits and pieces and snippets. It varies a little. Nowadays, because we spend so much time on tour, when there’s time off, what I usually do is I get together with friends of mine. It’s usually different ones — basically other songwriters. Because I like going into an environment, a situation where I need to — I guess the word is ’impress.’ I wanna come in and just, like, ’Here’s a song idea I have. And this is another song. Would you like to work on one of these? Which one do you feel most excited about? Which one moves you the most?’ And more often, that person says, ’I like that one. That sounds really cool. I think that could be this or that.’ And then you just start sort of putting it together, make a demo.

And throughout the last at least five years — from ’Meliora’, six or seven years; something like that — that has been sort of the process, where basically you make an embryo, but then you sort of realize it with someone. And the way I do it with various people that aren’t necessarily… They are in other bands, I guess, or they have other projects and stuff. But that way it’s not on your plate to make a record together; it’s on your plate to make the best out of this song. So you always get the best out of people, basically. So you feel super excited.”

Forge myös kuvailee muutosta, joka biisinkirjoittamisessa on tapahtunut vuosien saatossa. Nykyisin kappaleita ei enää hiota ja harjoitella soittamalla niitä yhdessä tuntikausia treenikämpällä, vaan kaikki valmistellaan studiossa. Hän kuvailee muutosta näin:

”Nowadays, most bands don’t… What we used to do — I and everybody else that was in bands — what you used to do back in the day was you wrote the song at home, and then you came into a room with all live gear that was really loud and then you had to teach everyone how to play the track. And you were always up against their temperament and their attention span. So you had to be very, very, very meticulous and, like, ’This is how the bass line goes’ and ’This is how the guitar plays’ and ’No, no, no. Don’t play that’ and’ Please, drummer, please stop fucking playing.’ And then at the end of the night, you’re so deaf because of the exhaustion of teaching a group of people a song, whereas nowadays you go into a studio where you have a recording setup. And usually the first time you hear the song, it sounds pretty fucking full — it sounds pretty fucking rad.”

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