Ghostin Tobias Forge paljastaa saaneensa inspiraation ryhtyä ammattimuusikoksi katsottuaan Iron Maidenin ”Live After Death” livealbumin

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 15.5.2022

Ruotsalaisen okkultista rockia soittavan Ghostin keulakuva Tobias Forge on paljastanut tuoreessa Planet Rockin haastattelussa Iron Maidenin toimineen itselleen aikoinaan suurena vaikuttajana niin visuaalisesti kuin myös musiikillisesti. Forge kertoi haastattelussa saaneensa inspiraation pyrkiä ammattimuusikoksi katsottuaan Iron Maidenin ”Live After Death” livealbumin.

”Absolutely. Both musically and also stage production-wise. But also when it comes to work ethics and just the sheer volume of work you have to put into your job [and] in your craft has always been inspiring to me.

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”When I was a kid, I was sitting with [IRON MAIDEN’s 1985 live album] ’Live After Death’ record and I was dead set on wanting to become a professional musician and I wanted to tour. I knew about the concept of touring, but a lot of my knowledge or my preconceived notions of what I thought touring was about was looking through ’Live After Death’ and seeing all those dates that they were playing everywhere. I sat there with like a big map book and just drew out how they toured, where they played and how often you play. That record in the inner sleeve, you have a lot of information about touring life.”

”The ’90s was a little bit medieval for a lot of the ’80s [metal] bands and I must say that after Bruce [Dickinson] left [in 1993], I wasn’t a giant fan of the Blaze Bayley years. In the ’90s, this is before Internet, this is before accessibility that way you had to invest in your records, and you had to invest time into anything that you liked.

”In 1995 when they made the first record with Blaze [’The X Factor’], I was so buried in death/black metal stuff, and I was so busy exploring what happened in 1985 that I didn’t have time for following that. So, of course, I was amazed when Bruce came back into the band and they made this triumphant return. I must say that ’Brave New World’, the comeback record with Bruce, was and still is an unbelievably well-constructed record… That record is actually really good from start to finish. Unbelievable.

”It’s incredible that a band 20 years into their professional career were able to still add songs to their already existing and mind-blowingly great repertoire. I think that ’Blood Brothers’ is a song that they are still playing at most of their shows, but they could easily play 10 songs from that record.”