Ghostin Tobias Forge tulevasta albumista: ”Se on raskas albumi hyvin raskaalla teemalla”

Ruotsalainen okkultistista rockia soittava Ghost on saanut valmiiksi tulevan albuminsa nauhoitukset. Yhtye nauhoitti albumiaan yhdessä tuottaja Tom Dalgetyn (Opeth, Royal Blood) kanssa ja albumi on parhaillaan miksauksessa Andy Wallacella (Nirvana, Slayer).

Yhtyeen nokkamies Tobias Forge on antanut albumiin liittyen ensimmäisen haastattelun Revolver Magazinelle, jossa on paljastanut albumin olevan musiikillisesti varsin raskas sekä teemallisesti synkkä. Voit lukea Tobiaksen ajatuksia bändin tulevasta albumista tästä:

“It is loosely themed around the concept of death and doom. It’s a themed album around medieval times, but it’s definitely clinging onto a lot of very current things. The Black Death [plague] is a great example of a turning point for a whole civilization. Complete villages were annihilated. Most people knew very little, so all of it was God or the Devil — and about their faith being questioned: Why are we being stricken down by this great scourge? It must be because of our not fearing God enough and all this superstitious bullshit.

There’s a lot that you would recognize today in online mannerisms. In many ways, we’ve gone back a few steps because now it’s closer to how it was back in the old days when people were standing at the square and all of a sudden, it’s like in Monty Python‘s Life of Brian: “Stone him! Ra! Ra! Ra!” Public trials are very unsupervised and extremely swift and speak to the most primordial parts of us.”