GIGAN kiinnitetty Willowtip Recordsille

Kokeellista metallia soittava GIGAN on solminut sopimuksen Willowtip Recordsin kanssa. Yhtye siirtyy syksyllä studioon nauhoittamaan toista studioalbumiaan ”Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes” jonka on määrä ilmestyä ensi vuoden puolella. Lue lisää jos haluat nähdä kuinka yhtyeen keulahahmo Eric Hersemann kommentoi kiinnitystä.

Signing with Willowtip marks a new era within the Universe! Willowtip has the right idea when it comes to Metal and they understand and support the lofty creative goals I have with GIGAN. With all the hard work and touring the band has done over the past two years in support of The Order of the False Eye, GIGAN is definitely ready to overtake the mortal universe with our next offering! I have taken extra time to craft a mesmerizing work that pushes the boundaries of extreme music, songwriting and imagination. This is my best work to date and all of us in GIGAN look forward to another run of tours to showcase this new vision!

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