Guns N´ Rosesin Matt Sorum ylistää 80 vuotta täyttänyttä The Beatlesin Ringo Starria: ”Olet syy miksi aloin rumpaliksi”

Englantilaisen rockin legendan, The Beatlesin rumpali Ringo Starr täytti hiljattain 80 vuotta. Ringo on toiminut uransa aikana innoittajana useille rumpaleille, ja nyt Guns N´ Rosesin entinen rumpali Matt Sorum on julkaissut legendasta upean kirjoituksen, jonka mukaan Ringo on suurin syy siihen, miksi Matt alkoi aikoinaan soittaa rumpuja. Voit lukea kirjoituksen tästä:

”Happy 80th Birthday Ringo , this is a shot from my upcoming book that will be out next year now . The reason I became a drummer was this man. Like many of us in the mid 60s that saw THE BEATLES on TV when they first came to America. They appeared on The Ed Sullivan although I was a bit young and their 4th appearance is what captured my attention with the song ’I Feel Fine’. I then received a 45 record from my brother Mark of ’A Hard Days Night’ and I was never the same along with the rest of the world .

Over 73 million tuned in to the Sullivan show that changed Rock n’ Roll forever.

I’m honored to call Ringo a friend as we’d usually be outside the Capitol building today sharing Peace And Love.

You continue to be a huge inspiration in my life Ringo. Watch the Ringo celebration tonight at 5pm with a ton of cool guests @ringostarrmusic for info ..thank you for the great photo @dannybones64″

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