Gwar vokalisti kommentoi Lamb Of God vokalistin kohtaloa

Yhdysvaltalaisen Gwarin vokalisti Oderus Urungus on postittanut verkkoon viestin liittyen Lamb Of God vokalisti Randy Blythen hiljattaiseen pidätykseen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Oderuksen viesti.

“Waiting anxiously to hear the fate of the human Randy, he is a honorary slave who has died for GWAR many times. Alarmed by the lack of outrage in the entertainment community. If this was a pop artist the media would be all over this.

Thats right I am fucking appalled at the LACK of concern in the US media for the fate of Randy Blythe… Naw, just because Randy is in a nasty metal band you can just throw his ass in jail anytime you want. The whole of music media should come the fuck out and condemn this arrest and detainment. This whole thing stinks of a shakedown.”

“And for all you Blythe-haters, eat a bowl of dick. Randy is one of the coolest mofo’s on the planet. Don’t be hating, that’s my job.”

“Where are the leaders of the American metal community, voicing outrage about the idiotic arrest of one of our own…SHAME on you Rock Star!”

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