Hacktivistin yhteistyö Aaron Mattsin kanssa kuunneltavissa uudella ”Hyperdialect”-kappaleella

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 10.6.2021

Englantilainen djenttiä ja räppiä yhdistelevä Hacktivist on julkaisemassa seuraavan, ”Hyperdialect”-nimisen albuminsa kesäkuun 18. päivä UNFD:n kautta. Yhtyeen tulevalta albumilta on nyt julkaistu levyn nimikkokappaleesta musiikkivideo, jossa vierailee Aaron Matts (ten56./ent. Betraying The Martyrs), ja voit katsoa lopputuloksen tästä:

Yhtyeellä oli uudesta kappaleestaan seuraavaa kerrottavaa:

“This single is about trying to describe our signature sound and how we use it. If our band was a comic book hero, then ‘Hyperdialect‘ would be their weapon or superpower! It’s our method of attack, our way of putting our governments and mainstream medias in the crosshairs. But rather than brute force we use ‘Hyperdialect‘ to strike back.

Technically you could say that all Hacktivist music is ‘Hyperdialect‘. That’s one of the reasons we also chose it as an album title, this song then stands as an autological explanation of itself as a theory.”

Aaron Matts kertoo yhteistyöstä Hacktivistin kanssa seuraavaa:

“Being a part of Hacktivist‘s hard-hitting movement was a task that I took huge pleasure in; when the band briefed me on the track and its meaning, we were still in a pool of uncertainty in the process of ironing out what Brexit would mean to us all.

As a British musician living overseas, this was the perfect opportunity for me to focus my frustration and upcoming hardships concerning the situation, and I’m incredibly proud of the result and to be a part of Hacktivist‘s legendary legacy.”