Hamferð Metal Blade Recordsille: uusi albumi luvassa vuoden 2018 alussa

Färsaarilta ponnistava doom metal -yhtye on kiinnitetty Metal Blade Recordsille. Yhtye on piakkoin siirtymässä studion uumeniin nauhoittamaan tulevaa albumiaan, jonka julkaisu tulee tapahtumaan vuoden 2018 alussa. Yhtye on kommentoinut sopimustaan Metal Blade Recordsin kanssa seuraavasti:

”We’re thrilled and proud to announce that we have signed a recording agreement with ! Since we started out back in 2008 we have worked closely with our local label TUTL. The cooperation has been rewarding and our ties will not be severed completely. However, for the upcoming album and in the future we felt it was time to work with an internationally renowned metal label to hopefully help take Hamferð to the next level as a band. We feel positive and confident about Metal Blade’s setup and their commitment towards quality as the label houses many of our favorite artists and has released a ton of groundbreaking releases. Their legacy and dedication to metal music is vital. Our new record has been a long time coming. Needless to say, we are extremely excited to finally set it up for release!”

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