Hanging Garden julkaisee seuraavan albuminsa Agonia Recordsin kautta

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 26.4.2022

Kotimainen pitkän linjan melodinen death metal -yhtye Hanging Garden on solminut sopimuksen Agonia Recordsin kautta. Edellisen ”Skeleton Lake” -albuminsa vuonna 2021 Lifeforce Recordsin kautta julkaissut yhtye kertoo uudesta sopimuksestaan seuraavaa:

”We were approached by Agonia with a clearly heartfelt and genuine interest towards us and our music. They also have many great artists and our friends in their roster, such as the awesome The Moth Gatherer and October Tide, whom we have collaborated and toured with before. We are looking forward to releasing our next album and taking the next step with Agonia Records”.

Kalenterikuva 2023

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Hanging Garden 2022:

Mikko Kolari – guitars
Jussi Hämäläinen – guitars, vocals
Toni Hatakka – vocals
Riikka Hatakka – vocals
Nino Hynninen – keyboards
Jussi Kirves – bass
Antti Ruokola – drums