Hardcore-yhtye Nails värväsi uuden kitaristin

Yhdysvaltalainen powerviolence/hardcore -yhtye Nails on värvännyt toiseksi kitaristikseen Leon Del Muerten. Mies on aiemmin soittanut mm. , sekä orkestereissa. Bändi on myös samalla ilmoittanut Andy Saban jättäneen yhtyeen.

Voit lukea bändin virallisen tiedotteen tästä:

”Nails would like to welcome the addition of second guitarist, Leon Del Muerte. You may recognize Leon from recent Nails shows since we started touring on ’You Will Never Be One Of Us’ or from playing with such bands as Terrorizer L.A., Nausea, Intronaut, Phobia, Murder Construct etc. He’s the fucking man and any time you’re at a Nails gig, you’ll be watching him grind your face off with us.

”On that note, we would like to acknowledge the departure of Andy Saba. He left the band (on his terms) December 2015. Saba’s creative contribution to Nails and skill as a guitarist will never be understated. He co-wrote the ’Abandon All Life’ LP as well as the ’2-song Flexi’ and was a great addition to the band during his tenure. Saba left his mark on Nails, on our fans, and his input to the band is immeasurable. Nails would like to extend much peace, love, respect, and appreciation to Andy Saba.”


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