Hatebreedin suunnitelmat julki seuraavan viiden vuoden osalta: luvassa mm. cover-albumi ja dokumentti

Kirjoittanut Teemu Esko - 9.8.2017

Yhdysvaltalaisen metallista hardcorea tahkoavan Hatebreedin nokkamies Jamey Jasta on paljastanut yhtyeen suunnitelmat seuraavan viiden vuoden osalta ja kertookin olevansa kiinnostunut mm. cover-levyn sekä yhtyeestä kertovan dokumentin tekemisestä. Jasta kertoi aiheesta vieraillessaan Silversteinin nokkamiehen Shane Toldin omassa ”Lead Singer Syndrome” -podcastissa:

“I actually thought this record [‘The Concrete Confessional‘] was not gonna have the life that it actually has. This record’s cool because… I wouldn’t say like ‘Divinity‘, but like self-titled, it has an opener and a closer, which I think is important to have. And that’s what we’ll do with the next record.

”You wanna have at least two on that current record, where you got one opener and one new closer. And that’s very hard. A lot of these bands on this tour [Vans Warped Tour‘] they’re not opening with a new song and closing with a new song.

”But we have those songs, so I want to do that again. But I wanna do the covers record. And I want to do re-records and I want to do another… I want to do a live and a documentary. So right there that puts us to 2022 I think it is.”