Have Heart lopettaa (2002-2009)

Yhdysvaltalainen hardcore yhtye Have Heart on päättänyt lopettaa uransa tulevan maailmankiertueensa jälkeen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

”Once the Fall rolls around, we can’t really do this band the way we would prefer to anymore. Knowing this deadline of ours and having a whole world tour already booked, we’d like to take advantage of the chance to say goodbye to all the people we have met around the world over the years.”So, please come check us out in the remaining months on our little trip around the globe. So far Asia has been a wonderful experience and we’re very happy to have had the chance to meet so many kind people and look forward to the rest of Asia.

”We will be playing our last show on this year’s National Edge Day on October 17th 2009 with a bunch of our friends bands and a sweet guest. It will be somewhere T accessible in the Boston area. It will also be a benefit for a women’s shelter in New Bedford, MA, run by my kind mother.

”It’s been a nice 7 years and we’d like to thank all the unique hardcore kids and bands we have encountered. And in the words of DFJ, thanks to all the shit talkers for all the material to get off on. But, really….we have met so many wonderful people who we’ll just never forget.

”It’s been so great. Take care and hope to see you over the next couple months.”


6.5 Beijing China

7.5 Shanghai China

8.5 Wyhan China

9.5 Guangzhou China

10.5 Hong Kong China

11.5 Manila Philipines

13.5 Bangkok Thailand

15.5 Jakarta, Indonesia

16.5 Kuala Lumpor Malaysia

17.5 Singapore


20.5 Perth, Australia

21.5 Perth Australia

22.5 Adelaide Australia

23.5 Melbourne Australia

24.5 Melbourne Australia

27.5 Conberra Australia

28.5 Annandale, Australia

29.5 Sydney Australia

30.5 Brisbane Australia

31.5 Byron Bay Australia


6.6 Bogota, Colombia

7.6 Lima, Peru

12.6 Santiago Chile

13.6 Buenos Aires Argentina

14.6 Sao Paolo Brazil


25.6 Germany München Feierwerk

26.6 Italy Vicenza Centro Tecchio

27.6 Germany Durmersheim bei Karlsruhe New Noise Festival

28.6 Germany Essen Pressure Festival – Club Edition

29.6 France Paris Le Peniche Alternat

30.6 France Toulouse Le Caravan Serail

01.7 Spain Barcelona PUERTO HURRACO

02.7 Switzerland Luzern Sedel

03.7 Germany Wiesbaden Vainstream Beastfest w/o Shipwreck

04.7 Germany Münster Vainstream Festival

04.7 Holland Hengelo Innocent

05.7 Germany Hamburg Rote Flora

06.7 Sweden Örebro Kulturhuset

07.7 Germany Berlin Cassiopeia

08.7 Ireland Dublin TBA

09.7 Austria Wien Viper Room

10.7 Slovakia Kosice Khoi Khoi Club

11.7 Romania Cluj Roland Garros

12.7 TBA

13.7 Croatia Zagreb Mochvara w/ Comeback Kid, Defeater

14.7 Slovenia Ljubljana Gala Hala w/ Comeback Kid, Defeater

15.7 Hungary Budapest Dürer Kert w/ Comeback Kid, Defeater

16.7 Germany Schwenfurt Alter Stattbahnhof w/ Comeback Kid, Defeater

17.7 Germany Rosswein JUHA

18.7 Belgium Herk de Stad Rock Herk

19.7 UK Southampton Talking Heads

20.7 UK Sheffield Corporation

21.7 UK Aberdeen Korova

22.7 UK Manchester Moho Live

23.7 UK London Underworld

24.7 Germany Köln Underground – Allschools Birthday Party

25.7 Belgium Maasmechelen Moshvalleyfest

26.7 Czech Republic Pilsen Fluff Fest


29.7 Johannesburg South Africa

30.7 Johannesburg South Africa

30.7 Durban South Africa

31.7 Gobarone Botswana

1.8 Zimbabwe


16.8 Quebec City QC

17.8 Montreal QC

18.8 Toronto ON

19.8 Sudbury ON

20.8 Thunder Bay ON

21.8 Regina SK

22.8 Winnipeg MN

23.8 Calgary AB

24.8 Edmonton AB


30.8 Iba, El Salvador

31.8 Guatemala City, Guatemala


14.8 Philadelphia PA

15.8 Portland ME

26.8 Seattle WA

27.8 San Francisco CA

28.8 Anaheim CA

29.8 Phoenix AZ

2.9 Austin TX

3.9 St. Louis MO

4.9 Chicago IL

5.9 Romeo MI

6.9 Covington KY

7.9 Nashville TN

8.9 Birmingham AL

9.9 Jacksonville FL

10.9 Atlanta GA

11.9 Raleigh NC

12.9 NYC, NY

13.9 Hartford CT

14.9 Poughkeepsie NY

15.9 Erie PA

16.9 Syracuse NY

17.9 Albany NY

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