Heaven Shall Burnilta merten puolesta tehty kantaaottava musiikkivideo ”My Heart And The Ocean” -kappaleesta

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 7.2.2020

Euroopan suurimpiin metalcore-yhtyeisiin lukeutuva Heaven Shall Burn on julkaisemassa seuraavan ”Of Truth and Sacrifice” -nimisen albuminsa maaliskuun 20. päivä Century Media Recordsin kautta. Bändi on nyt julkaissut merten puolesta tehdyn musiikkivideon ”My Heart And The Ocean” -kappaleestaan, ja voit katsoa sen tästä:

Yhtyeen kitaristi Maik Weichert on kertonut videosta seuraavaa:

“The destruction of the oceans rarely happens right in front of us, but secretly in the middle of nowhere. We have been supporting Sea Shepherd for a very long time already and have made many friends and partners in this organization that it striving against the aforementioned destruction. It was important to us that active members as well as veterans are a part of the video. People need to understand that these activists are no outlaws and untouchable heroes, but ordinary girls and boys coming right from the middles of our societies, people who have decided to make a change and fight for their ideals. Everybody can support a good cause and a fair battle. It doesn’t matter which nationality, skin colour or background you have – it’s about the world we all live in. If the oceans die it will mean our end as well.”