Helloween uuden albumin kimpussa

Saksalainen power metallia soittava Helloween on aloittanut uuden albuminsa kirjoittamisen. Yhtyeen uuden albumin on määrä ilmestyä vuoden 2013 alussa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen kitaristin Michael Weikathin virallinen viesti aiheeseen liittyen.

”Right now we are busy with finalizing the songwriting process and are getting ready to take the accumulated ideas into a final selection for the new record. Everybody in the band is excited and eager to take what we have worked on so far to the next level.”

HELLOWEEN’s new album will once again be helmed by long-time producer Charlie Bauerfeind and will contain ”all the trademark” elements on the band’s sound,” according to a press release. ”Already in this early stage the new effort promises to be much more than a fine follow-up to the highly acclaimed ’Gambling With The Devil’ and ’7 Sinners’ albums. Bombastic epic pieces have been worked on as well as ultrafast heavy songs and mid-tempo anthems.”

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