Hollannin metallilegenda Martyr Pt78 Recordsille

Hollannin metallijyrä  on solminut kolmen vuoden levytyssopimuksen Pt78 Recordsin kanssa. Sopimus kattaa kaksi albumia. Seuraavaa studioalbumia odotetaan julkaistavaksi kuluvan vuoden lopulla. Bändin lausunto asiaan liittyen:

”We are very happy to sign this double deal for 2 albums. Very excited to finally release a live CD and we will work hard on the successor of the ’You Are Next’ album, which was released by Into The Limelight Records.

With us teaming up with and the given confidence by them we cannot do anything else than work our asses off.

We already have a great relationship with a big part of the team but also have great faith in the the new members and partners of the Pt78 team, business and creativity wise. And we can interact quickly because of that.”

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