Hypnoottista post-metallia parhaimmillaan: Cult Of Lunan uusi livevideo Kaaoszinen ensinäytössä

Cult Of Luna © Maria Louceiro

Ruotsalainen Cult Of Luna julkaisi huhtikuussa Indie Recordingsin kautta massiivisen livejulkaisun nimeltä ”Years in a Day”, joka pitää sisällään kahden tunnin videon viimevuotiselta Pariisin keikalta sekä kaksi vuosina 2013 ja 2016 nauhoitettua CD:tä Roadburn-festivaaleilta. DVD:ltä on nyt julkaistu livevideo ”Echoes”-nimisestä kappaleesta ja voit katsoa sen tästä Kaaoszinen ensinäytön kautta:

Yhtye on kommentoinut julkaisua seuraavasti:

”A few years ago, we took the decision to keep touring to a minimum. The sole reason was to prevent us from burning out, to keep the flame and the passion burning. But the experiences on the road that we’ve shared for almost 20 years has been life changing for all of us. It has bounded us together like brothers and we have been given the privilege to interact with incredible people all around the globe.

So, we thought it was time to release a special object related to the live aspect of Cult of Luna and how we have progressed since the release of “Fire was born” eight years ago. Releasing DVDs and live documents is always a tough thing at all aspects, but that was the right time to do it for the people that are not able to see this band live often and everywhere, and so to end an era.

The pictures that form the foundation for the art work and promotion are taken by Maria Louceiro. Her work is beyond words, please check it out. Art direction, as usual is handled by Erik Olofsson.”

Voit lukea täältä Jesse Kärkkäisen arvion DVD:stä.

Julkaisun tiedot voit katsastaa tästä:

DVD: Live at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris
1. The Sweep
2. Light Chaser
3. Owlwood
4. Echoes
5. I: The Weapon
6. Waiting For You
7. Marching To The Heartbeats
8. Finland
9. Back To Chapel Town
10. And With Her Came The Birds
11. Thirtyfour
12. Dim
13. Dark City Dead ManCD: Live At Roatburn 2013
1. The One
2. I: The Weapon
3. Ghost Trail
4. Finland
5. Vicarious Redemption
6. Owlwood
7. In Awe Of

CD: “Somewhere Along The Highway” Live At Roadburn 2016
1. Marching To The Heartbeats
2. Finland
3. Back To Chapel Town
4. And With Her Came The Birds
5. Thirtyfour
6. Dim
7. Dark City Dead Man

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