I Am Your God-viisikolta uusi single ”Dead Standing Tree”

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 2.12.2021

Kotimainen metalcorea soittava I Am Your God on julkaissut uuden singlen ”Dead Standing Tree” lyriikkavideon kera Out Of Line Musicin kautta. Biisi on toinen singlejulkaisu yhtyeen tulevalta pitkäsoitolta, jota on lupa odottaa julkaistavaksi ensi vuoden lopulla. Bändin vokalisti Julius Vetämäjärvi kommentoi kappaleen julkaisua seuraavasti:

”’Dead Standing Tree’ is a tenacious beast of a song, which is full of symptoms and consequences of living on the edge and making poor choices in life. The song tells a story about driving it all to the absolute maximum limit, but still being ready as ever to take it all one step further just to see what rock bottom feels like, because what else could one do?

”The first step to this song was the groovy and spiteful riffs and rhythms, but it ended up being surprisingly versatile with the beautiful melodies of the chorus and ominous synths and small details in the breakdown parts. It’s an amazing track to play live!”