I Am Your Godilta uusi single visuaalisen musiikkivideon muodossa

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 12.10.2022

Kotimainen melodista death metalia soittava I Am Your God on julkaissut uuden singlen ”Warriors” visuaalisen videon kera. Biisi on järjestyksessään kolmas julkaisu bändin tulevalta pitkäsoitolta.

”’Warriors’ is a forthgoing adrenaline blaster for you with its catchy riffs, fat breakdowns, and massive gang shouts. If this doesn’t get your fists bumped in the air, nothing will. Lyrically it’s a song from a soldier’s point of view: your own choices don’t really matter because your life is still sentenced to go a certain way. But on the other hand, the theme gives a backlash to itself: if you’re a true fucking warrior, you will get through anything and to anywhere you want. No matter what kind of plans fate has for you, you will find a way to prevail – just follow my lead. WARRIORS!”