I Killed The Prom Queenin klassisen kokoonpanon esiintyminen peruttu – syynä vokalisti Michael Crafterin halventavat kommentit

Kirjoittanut Teemu Hakala - 11.8.2018
I Killed The Prom Queen

Uutisoimme aiemmin tällä viikolla australialaisen metalcore-bändi I Killed The Prom Queenin klassisen kokoonpanon kertaluonteisesta paluukeikasta. Bändin oli määrä esiintyä ensi vuoden alussa UNIFY Gathering -nimisellä festivaalilla Australiassa. Festivaali on nyt kuitenkin perunut bändin esiintymisen vokalisti Michael Crafterin kahden vuoden takaisten seksististen kommenttien vuoksi.

Festivaali kommentoi aihetta Facebook-tilillään seuraavasti:

Today UNIFY Gathering has made the decision, with the backing of band members, to remove I Killed The Prom Queen from the lineup for Unify Gathering 2019.

We made this decision because historical comments made on social media by former member Michael Crafter, who was to re-appear as guest singer of I Killed the Prom Queen for their one- off 2004 nostalgia set. These comments fall well short of today’s community standards and were considered deeply offensive to many people within our music community.

These comments are completely unacceptable and contrary to our deeply held values and beliefs that music is for everyone and to be enjoyed by all.

We want to create a culture of positive change within the music industry and it’s our responsibility to call out unacceptable behaviour wherever we see it.

UNIFY is committed to ensuring a safe place for anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy music. This is why we jointly launched the ‘Your Choice’ initiative, aimed at addressing cultural issues and harmful behaviour within the music festival landscape.

On reflection, we acknowledge that Michael Crafter shouldn’t have been chosen to appear at Unify Gathering 2019. We’d like to acknowledge that the members of the band have been really open and helpful in this conversation, and we wish them the best moving forward.

Crafter puolestaan pahoitteli käytöstään Instagram-tilillään, minkä vuoksi festivaali todennäköisesti päätti hyllyttää yhtyeen esiintymisen:

Two years ago and plenty of time years previously, I said a lot of dumb stuff online to troll, cause drama and bait people to piss them off. Things I said then are not a reflection of who I am today, as two years is a long time. I completely understand why people are pissed off, and I am sorry and I really regret it. I want women to succeed in music, my daughter included if that’s the path she chooses. I’m massive on being positive and pushing yourself and think my life nowadays is a reflection on that…