Ice Nine Killsin kitaristi jättäytyy pois yhtyeen tulevalta Euroopan-kiertueelta terveydellisten ongelmien vuoksi: Tilalle Bad Wolvesin Doc Coyle

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 28.4.2023

Yhdysvaltalainen kauhuelokuvien maailmasta voimakkaasti ammentava metalcore-yhtye Ice Nine Kills on ilmoittanut yhtyeen kitaristin Dan Sugarmanin jäävän pois yhtyeen juuri käyntiin polkaistulta Euroopan-kiertueelta ilmeisesti syöpädiagnoosin vuoksi. Yhtye on julkaissut aiheeseen liittyen virallisen tiedotteen, jonka mukaan Sugarmania kiertueella tuuraavat Bad Wolvesin Doc Coyle sekä Miles Dimitri Baker. Voit lukea yhtyeen virallisen tiedotteen aiheesta tästä:

“We’re excited to see all of you European psychos as we embark on Metallica‘s M72 World Tour as well as our own Wurst Vacation headliner, all of which kicks off this weekend in Amsterdam. But unfortunately, we do so with a heavy heart. Over the last several months we had been working towards bringing our brother and lead guitarist, Dan Sugarman, back on stage with us for the first time since post-COVID touring.

As he announced today, however, Dan is unable to join us due to his recent medical diagnosis. While supporting our boy is always top of mind, Dan and the band have been working together to train two of the top guitar player sin heavy music to fill his insanely big shoes – Miles Dimitri Baker and Doc Coyle.

These two new friends of ours will join Ricky for a triple guitar onslaught the likes of which you’ve never seen.

In addition, Doc will carry Dan‘s spirit on stage with us by using his signature guitar model, The Murder Axe.

Please welcome Miles and Doc to the INK family and send Dan all the love and support he needs right now.

We’ll see you soon… The shows are right around the coroner…”

Dan Sugarman on itse julkaissut tilanteeseensa liittyen virallisen viestin ja voit lukea sen tästä:

“Not too long ago, amidst the finalizing with INK team my return to the touring situation… We found a lump on my neck. Fast-forward through a bunch of biopsies, MRIs, a bunch of sleepless nights… I got the call that nobody ever wants to hear.

I have a team of incredible doctors that I trust in. We have a plan and I am ready to continue my healing surrounded by friends, family, loved ones and the amazing support of people like you. That said it’s becoming apparent that I need to sit home and sit out—at least on the very beginning—of a tour of a lifetime, literally the tour of my dreams…”