Iced Earth -kitaristi Jon Schaffer ja entinen laulaja Matt Barlow palaavat yhteistyöhön joululaulujen merkeissä

Yhdysvaltalaisen heavy metal -yhtye Iced Earthin perustanut kitaristi ja yhtyeessä vuosina 1994-2003, ja uudemman kerran 2007-2011, toiminut laulaja palaavat yhdessä levytyskantaan Schaffer/Barlow Project -nimen alla. Miehet ottavat käsittelyyn viisi joululaulua ja kaksi kappaletta Iced Earhin tuotannosta. Tuleva levy kulkee nimellä ”Winter Nights”. ”Winter Nights” julkaistaan CD:n lisäksi myös erilaisina rajoitettuina vinyyleinä sekä digitaalisessa muodossa. Projektin kickstarter-kampanjaan voit käydä tutustumassa täältä.

”Winter Nights” -kappalelista:

We Three Kings
Silent Night
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Little Drummer Boy
I Died For You (Winter 2020)
Watching Over Me (Winter 2020)
Silent Night (Traditional)

Barlow kertoo projektista:

”This is something that Jon and I had been talking about for many years. It just so happens that it’s the right time. These are some Christmas classics that we’ve decided to do, and also add some reimaginings of some  songs in there with it. So it’s really gonna be pretty damn cool, man.”

Schaffer jatkaa:

”The idea, for whatever reason, popped in my head, and I called Matt. And I was in the middle of another production, so we had this short window of time; we couldn’t bring you, really, a full-length album at this moment. But if you guys are into the idea, we definitely would like to do more of this in the future. There’s other classic songs that we can rework from our past and from holiday songs and new originals and whatever. So, basically, everything’s on the table; we just wanna see if you guys are into where we’re going with this. And as weird as this year has been, hopefully it will give you guys some hope. So it’s gonna be really awesome.

We’re taking some classic big holiday songs and doing our thing with it — making it very theatrical and epic sounding, and heavy in some parts and spooky in others, beautiful. We have two versions of ’Silent Night’ — one more traditional and one very much something we would do, kind of what you would expect from us.”


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