Ignite The Will lopettaa

Kirjoittanut Teemu Hakala - 15.1.2008

Iowalainen hardcore-yhtye Ignite The Will on päättänyt lopettaa toimintansa. Bändi julkaisi viimeiseksi jääneen albuminsa ”Words Fail” vuonna 2006. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

What is all of this you hear about the ol’ ITW ship being set out to sea? Are rumors amok? What is the fate of those buff bringers of mosh from America’s heartland? Someone cut me off, or I will continue to write these ridiculous questions all day.

Anyway, it’s true, the I-T-DUBS is going to cease and desist on February 2nd. No, there is not an Ignite the Will from Uganda that plans to sue us if we continue to use their name. And no, Seth has not entered in the pro body building circuit, making shows and touring impossible.

The actual cause of our demise is related to ’life decisions’, or something closely resembling those. Right about now you may ask how guys with ’no life’ can make ’life decisions’. Not sure what I am talking about, so…on with it!

The bottom line is that we are all going to do different things and given that there is 1,951.44 miles between Paul and I, it only makes sense to lay this baby to rest in a respectful manor. Does our respectful demise exclude the possibility of touring foreign lands for the next 20 years and selling obscure merch on ebay? If so, strike that statement.

Ok, seriously now, thank you folks for caring about Ignite the Will. It has really been a pleasure being in this band and a big part of our enjoyment stems from the numerous friendships that we were able to form. Thank you!

So, here is a glimpse into the future of us, as humans, for the 2.5 of you that are still reading:

-Seth Campbell plans to continue to work as a case manager at the Handicap Development Center. There is some talk of him going back to school to pursue a career related to physical therapy or physical training. He is playing in a classic rock/80’s cover band regionally and, of course, he is hitting the gym. He will forever and always be ”REPPIN’ IT”.

-Chris is going to continue to move ’up the ladder’ at Best Buy. He has done really well for himself there and I am sure that at some point he will run that operation. I mean, the guy has management written all over him. So, get in good with him now, because he will probably be rich someday.

-Paul Wall is going to be a professional famous person, or something like that. Not joking, he will be famous, it is inevitable. But in the meantime, Paul plans to continue to live in Las Vegas. He is doing tour management for some biggies in the hxc circuit. Also exciting is his new management company, Fisk Management. So P-Dids will remain ’in da bizness’.

-Seth Nichols is great. The poor guy only got to play a few shows with us, but we had a nice time. He plans to do another band with some hardcore allstars near Peoria. I am sure that it will be a great one, so stand-by for link-age, or show-age, or demo-age.

-Matt (Me) plans to work in an office, preferably in a cubicle near the water cooler. Actually, I plan to go back to school for something called public policy. While there I can learn how to analyze and assess public policy. So someday, maybe someday, I can work in foreign relations and try to promote positive relationships with our foreign counterparts, or something like that. Get em’ from the inside, up tha punx!

Well, if you have read until this point, you deserve a free shirt. But, we probably do not have your size. Thank you for being a part of such precious times in our lives.

Check our shows section for the final three shows and be sure to keep in touch.

Best wishes,