Kuva: Susy Reyes

Irist julkaisi uuden singlen tulevalta EP:ltä

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 3.9.2022

Irist on julkaissut uuden singlen ”Surging Ablaze” syyskuun 16. päivä julkaistavalta EP:ltä ”Gloria”.

””Surging Ablaze” is a song about the contemplative journey, and meditative states, one experiences when getting to the other side of a difficult situation. On top of a beautiful lead for the chorus, Pablo wrote an insanely heavy riff towards the end of the song that definitely sticks to you. This is a rhythmically more measured song for us, and the fact that we were able to add some lyrics in Portuguese makes it even more unique.”Vokalisti Rodrigo Carvalho

”Gloria” -EP:n kappalelista:

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