Iron Maidenin livekeikka Wacken Open Airista striimataan kokonaisuudessaan

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 30.7.2016

Iron Maiden PekingEnglantilaisen heavy metallin jättiläisen Iron Maidenin livekeikka Wacken Open Airista 4. päivä elokuuta tullaaan striimaamaan Arte TV:n kautta. Striimi tulee löytymään -sivuston kautta ja se tulee alkamaan klo 22.30 Suomen aikaa torstai-iltana. Yhtyeen manageri Rob Smallwood on kommentoinut striimiä seuraavasti:

”We decided to finish the tour at Wacken as it is the ideal way to end this magical tour playing to 80,000 core metal fans at this legendary metal festival.

”Wacken has become such as international event with many thousands of fans from many other countries around the world joining and celebrating with the German fans, so it is perfect for the final show of a memorable tour.

”Everywhere we’ve played, the fans have been amazing and the reaction to the new songs and stage show has been phenomenal. The band has loved every minute on stage. So when Wacken and ARTE asked us to consider a livestream of our performance there, we jumped at the chance to give our fans an end of tour gift.

”Streaming this final show live globally allows us to thank the many fans we played to so far, and, for those who couldn’t get to see us this time round, a chance to see just how spectacular the live concert is and what they missed!”