Ex-ISIS basistilta uusi projekti

Ex-ISIS basisti Jeff Caxide on perustanut uuden projektin nimeltä Crone. Ensimmäistä materiaalia kuulemme ”Endless Midnight” EP:n muodossa joka sisältää viisi kappaletta ja se julkaistaan Waylon Recordingsin kautta tämän vuoden puolella.  Lue lisää nähdäksesi levy-yhtiön viestin asiasta.

Waylon Recordings is absolutely thrilled to announce what surely will be one of our most compelling releases of 2011. Jeff Caxide, bass player for post-metal legends ISIS, has graced us with the first long player from his brand new musical project: CRONE.

Endless Midnight spans five tracks of haunting, lush compositions that remind this writer of the singular sense of mood conjured on Aphex Twin‘s landmark Selected Ambient Works Volume II. Imagine Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven conceived as a nightmare. The darkness of a DMT trip. The sense of dread and wonder that only the best science fiction cinema can provoke…

CRONE represents Caxide‘s foray into ambient soundscapes, a project months in the making that was partly inspired by more than a decade performing around the world. Featuring contributions from a few old friends and drawing influence from fiction and film as much as sonic luminaries Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, Endless Midnight is certain to soundtrack your life at its most listless and melancholic.

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