Jay Weinberg uudesta Slipknot-musiikista: ”Asioita on alkanut tapahtua”

Slipknotin rumpali valotti tuoreessa WSOU-radiohaastattelussa yhtyeensä luovaa prosessia ja kertoi, ettei Slipknotin pandemia-ajan suunnitelmiin kuulu laakereilla lepääminen. Vaikkei vuonna 2014 Slipknotiin liittynyt Weinberg pystynyt kertomaan DJ Chewielle tarkemmin yhtyeen suunnitelmista, mies totesi Slipknotin jäsenten olevan luovaa sorttia, ja asioita prosessin käynnistämiseksi alkaneen jo tapahtua:

”The short answer is that, yeah, I can’t talk about it. But it’s been said before, and I have no problem reiterating it, is that we’re all creative people, and when you have creative people like  has, downtime is not a thought; it doesn’t exist. So when we need time to recharge, we recharge. And there’s a saying in Slipknot that ’off is off.’ So we kind of respect that – when off is off, off is off, and that means I’m not gonna answer your phone calls, I’m not gonna answer your text messages. Off is off. But there comes a certain point where that creative beast, I think, within all of us, it wakes up after a certain point. I’m, like, ’Okay, I’ve been off tour a certain amount of time. I’m really feeling the itch to get creative.’ And we all have that instinct. So it’s been noted. Things have occurred. But nothing that I’ll divulge other than I think we’re all very excited to have time to focus on our creativity. So we’ll see what comes of it. But I think we’re all really excited with taking advantage of what we can our downtime year.”

Kaksi viikkoa aiemmin solisti kertoi Slipknotin pyrkivän saattamaan sopimuksena Roadrunner Recordsin kanssa loppuun ensi vuoden aikana:

”The plan right now with Slipknot is to try and a) finish up the touring next year, and b) we’re thinking about kind of putting another album out maybe next year. But I don’t know. I don’t know what the plan is yet. I just know that we all kind of feel like there’s unfinished business and we wanna finish that out before we do anything. But I know that we were talking about doing it, ’cause we only have one album left on our contract with Roadrunner Records.”

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