Jeff Loomis Arch Enemyn tulevasta albumista: ”Soitan levyllä kitarasooloja”

arch enemyArch Enemyn kitaristi Jeff Loomis on antanut Bangaloressa Intiassa 11. päivä joulukuuta haastattelun Metal Wanin Owais ”Vitek” Nabille, jossa Loomis on kertonut hieman omista suunnitelmistaan tulevaisuuden suhteen. Loomisin mukaan hän ei tule kirjoittamaan kappaleita Arch Enemyn tulevalle albumille vaan aikoo vain soittaa levylle tulevat kitarasoolot livenä tulevaisuudessa. Loomis on samaisessa haastattelussa todennut työstävänsä seuraavaa sooloalbumiaan, jonka julkaisu tulee tapahtumaan myöskin ensi vuoden aikana. Voit lukea miehen ajatuksia niin Arch Enemyn kuin soolouransa osalta tästä:

”I’ll probably just be doing solos on this, because, I mean, if you look at it, ARCH ENEMY is [guitarist] Michael Amott — it’s his band, it’s his baby, and he is the main songwriter in the band. I did submit a few songs, and I don’t know if they’ll make it or not. But I definitely will be playing solos on it.”

”I love being in the band. I am fan of the band. I love the music, and I love playing in front of thousands of people with that band. But we’ll see what happens. It’s kind of the same thing if you can think the same way with NEVERMORE; me and Warrel [Dane, vocals] were the main writers in that band, and we had a revolving door of guitar players. But pretty much, it was me and Warrel that did a lot of it. Steve Smyth wrote a little bit, Tim Calvert wrote for ’Dreaming Neon Black’, but most of it, eighty percent, was me and Warrel. So each band has their own chemistry and their way of doing things.”

Loomis on haastattelussa myös todennut aikovansa julkaista seuraavan sooloalbuminsa vuoden 2017 aikana. Albumin aikataulusta hän kertoi seuraavaa:

”The thing about my solo albums is that it’s just kind of a way for me to showcase another side of myself, really. I’ve always been a fan of instrumental music — always. I grew up listening to artists like Jason Becker and Marty Friedman in CACOPHONY, and Tony MacAlpine… I love that shred stuff.”

”I think that I’m gonna really try to focus more on melody on this new one — rememberable melodies. ’Cause I was always trying to just play as fast as I could or whatever. I’m really gonna try to just approach it more where you can really remember a lot of the melodies that are going on.”

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