Jinjerin maaliskuinen Australian-keikka katsottavissa kokonaisuudessaan livevideolta


Ukrainalainen metal-yhtye  julkaisi Melbournessa soitetun keikkansa kokonaisuudessaan livevideona. 5. maaliskuuta bändi esiintyi Max Watt’s House of Music -keikkapaikassa, ja samaisesta esityksestä julkaistiin eilen ”Alive in Melbourne” -livealbumin.

Basisti Eugene Abdiukhanov kertoi, ettei heillä ollut alkujaan ajatusta tehdä kuvauksista niin suurta. Alkujaan he pohtivat yhden tai kahden kappaleen livetaltiointia, mutta pitkän suunnittelun ja työn tuloksena he pääsevät tarjoilemaan Alive in Melbourne -livealbumin.

”When this idea first came about, never could I imagine that it would grow into the project that it has become. First it was supposed to be a single video or maybe 1 or 2 more, then it was meant to be an online concert video for Knotfest.com …. and now, after 6 months of planning, reacting and fighting to get this little piece of heavy metal history out to our fans and friends: Alive In Melbourne is out!

From picking the cover artist Gabriel Nicoletti, to writing the very intense and personal band history in the linear notes … this album was not only something that I felt that our fans deserved in these strange times but it also helped me get through some of my own darkest times during the first Covid-19 lockdown. This was a moment in time that none of us will forget anytime soon.”

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