Joe Lynn Turner: ”Ritchie Blackmore huijaa yleisöä nykyisellä Rainbow-kokoonpanollaan”

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 9.3.2020

Englantilaisessa rockin veteraanissa Rainbow’ssa vuosien 1980–1984 aikana laulanut Joe Lynn Turner ei tunnu sulattavan kitaristi Ritchie Blackmoren vuonna 2015 kasaamaa Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow -yhtyeversiota, jossa vaikuttavat Ritchien lisäksi laulaja Ronnie Romero, kosketinsoittaja Jens Johansson (Stratovarius), rumpali David Keith (Blackmore’s Night) sekä basisti Bob Nouveau (Blackmore’s Night). Turner on tuoreessa 80’s Glam Metalcastin haastattelussa kertonut kokevansa Blackmoren Rainbow-version olevan yleisön huijaamista; Turner oli yrittänyt saada Blackmoren managerin eli miehen anopin kanssa sovittua bändin vanhojen jäsenten paluusta alkuperäisen Rainbow-nimen alle, mutta suunnitelmat vain kumottiin tuntemattomasta syystä ja päädyttiin nykyiseen ratkaisuun.

Voit lukea Joe Lynn Turnerin ajatuksia aiheesta tästä:

”Most people don’t know this true story, because I didn’t try to really come out and make people understand it all, because I just said, ’Look, the guy’s gonna do what he wants to do.’ But I was talking to his so-called ’management,’ ’cause it’s his mother-in-law for a good year. I’ve got all the e-mails to prove it. We were going back and forth talking about what the reunion of RAINBOW would be. And I wanted an authentic RAINBOW reunion; I wanted to get authentic players. I wanted the real RAINBOW — not just the RAINBOW I was in — but I wanted to bring up Doogie White and Graham Bonnet and I had Bob Daisley. Unfortunately, Jimmy Bain had passed and so on and so forth, but Don Airey… I wanted to make it sort of a RAINBOW extravaganza. There would be a core band, whether it was [Bobby] Rondinelli or [Chuck] Burgi on drums or Dave Rosenthal — I spoke to all of them. I was lining all this up.”

”You may or may not know anything about the Blackmore camp, as we call it, but they’re very guarded. And the mother-in-law — the story is I had a spy in that camp, and the story is that she was badmouthing me to Ritchie saying that I wanted to take full control of it all. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was talking to Live Nation, which we had over a hundred and sixty dates promised, either headlining and/or special guests at all the big festivals. Our label, Universal, was gonna release not only an album but a four-song EP. I had Rock Fuel Media out of L.A., which was gonna do a 3D video of the whole thing. It was just gonna be gigantic and enormous — amazing. And she turned around and just dropped it like a hot potato — didn’t even give me any reason why. And I found out in a newspaper called Le Parisien that I wasn’t gonna be in the band. So I kind of laughed at it — simply because he said that I didn’t know about it. But I said, ’Well, he’s making a mistake, but he doesn’t know about it.’ And I know that’s my opinion today.”

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