Joey Jordison uudesta Sinsaenum-yhtyeestään: ”Se ei ole pelkkä projekti, vaan kokonainen visio”

Kirjoittanut Teemu Esko - 11.7.2016

Joey Jordison haastatteli hiljattain Dragonforce-basisti Frédéric Leclercqia ja Slipknotin riveissä tunnetuksi tullutta rumpali Joey Jordisonia liittyen heidän uuteen death metalia soittavaan Sinsaenum-yhtyeeseensä. Jordison kertoi ythyeen perustamisesta seuraavaa:

”When [Fred and I] were talking about it, you can tell someone’s generosity within their soul… Like, when you start talking about certain records or a certain style of music, everyone knows… You don’t have to be a metalhead to know what I’m talking about, or it can be any type of music, and when you have a kinship, like you know exactly a certain fucking connection, and that someone understands where your head’s at and where their head’s at…

”With this type of music, if you fucking research fucking all my interviews from the very fucking first beginning since 1988, 1989, about my love for death metal, my love for black metal, and wanting to always do a project. And I’ve said it a million times before, and I’ve said it in a bunch of interviews, but it wasn’t until me and Fred… We toured together a lot — SLIPKNOT and DRAGONFORCE — and when we met, we… A lot of bands talk about having, quote, side project or whatever, and it usually falls through — generally… not all the time. But with this one, this was a different type of kinship, especially with this type of music and especially with the people that are involved. So when we were talking, and Fred was talking about the songs that he’s written, what I wanted to, and I had this name and I had this fucking vision in my mind, and he had it as well, and it just melded. And when you find that shit, there’s no denying it.

”We’re not doing this just because, ’Oh, this’ll just be fun and be a side project.’ You know what I mean? It’s a vision, and there’s a certain heartfelt, permeating force within us that we have to fucking do. So with finding a certain type of fucking counterparts that we have within every member of the fucking band is why we have the band SINSAENUM that we have now.”

Dragonforcen riveissä power metalia vuodest 1998 lähtien soittanut Leclercq oli pitkään suunnitellut äärimetalliprojektin perustamista. Hän kertoo:

Joey Jordison sent me an SMS to ask what I was up to, so I told him about those death metal songs.” After the former SLIPKNOT drummer had heard the demos, he wanted to know whom Frédéric had recruited to beat the skins. As there was nobody yet, he eagerly suggested adding his own ferocious style. Joey also had the idea for the name SINSAENUM, a fitting combination of the words ”sin” and ”insane.”

Yhtyeen muiden jäsenten valitsemisesta kerrotaan seuraavaa:

”When it came to choose a voice for the trio’s godless tunes, it actually ended up with two, the main criterion being ”death metal with a clear enunciation.” The first was no other than Attila Csihar from Norwegian black metal legends MAYHEM and drone masters SUNNO))), another long-time acquaintance of Leclercq’s and Jordison’s, notorious for his many registers ranging from tortured screams to throat singing. Sean Zatorsky from NWOAHM titans DÅÅTH and CHIMAIRA became the other vocalist.

”With another countryman of Frédéric’s — Heimoth, the brain of eclectic extremists SETH — completing the picture on bass, the material for SINSAENUM’s full-length was rounded off and perpetuated at different places.

”The end result is titled ”Echoes Of The Tortured” and was mixed in Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden, where Jens Bogren (OPETH, KREATOR, DEVIN TOWNSEND) put the finishing touches to 21 tracks that are — in one word — expansive.”

”Echoes Of The Tortured” -niminen debyyttialbumi julkaistaan heinäkuun 29. päivä Peccatum Recordsin kautta, kun taas ”Splendor And Agony” -kappaleesta julkaistaan musiikkivideo heinäkuun 13. päivä. Voit katsoa alta pätkän kysiesestä videosta, kun taas koko haastattelu on katsottavissa tästä: