John Dolmayan ei halunnut System Of A Downin pitävän taukoa – ”Se oli tuhoisa päätös”

System Of A Downin rumpali kertoo tuoreessa Action Figures -haastattelussa Richard Allanille, ettei toivonut yhtyeen lopettavan uuden musiikin työstämistä vuoden 2005 ”Mesmerize”- ja ”Hypnotize”-albumien jälkeen. Yhtyeen satunnaisista pistokeikoista ja marraskuisesta ”Protect The Land/Genocidal Humanoidz” -singlestä huolimatta uutta kokopitkää -albumia ei ole kuulunut viiteentoista vuoteen. Dolmayan kokee, ettei yhtye ehtinyt saavuttaa huippukohtaansa ennen toiminnan keskeytymistä:

”I never wanted System to take a hiatus. I think it was a disastrous move for us, because we never reached our peak. I still feel like we have a lot of music in us. And as big as the band is – we’re a massive draw internationally and here in the U.S. – I think we could have been the biggest band in the world. Why not achieve that if you have the potential?”

Ennenaikaisesta lopettamispäätöksestä huolimatta Dolmayan kertoo tiedostavansa yhtyeen kulttuurillisen vaikutuksen:

”At the end of the day, we achieved quite a bit. So our epitaphs are already written. My kids’ kids will be able to say, ’That was my grandfather, and he was in this band. And look what they did’. And they’ll be able to listen to that for as long as humanity exists, I guess.

Anytime you don’t reach your potential, it’s a sadness. And by the way, our potential could have been to sell 10 albums. But if that was it, and we reached it, you can walk away saying, ’I did everything I could.’ That way you can spend the rest of your life happy. The worst thing is to be 50 years old, sitting in a room, doing something you’re miserable doing, and knowing it’s because of you – because you didn’t have the balls to pursue it; you didn’t have the balls to put everything into it.”

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