Jon Anderson ja Roine Stolt julkaisevat yhteisen albumin

Invention of KnowledgeLegendaarisen Yes-yhtyeen lauluntekijä Jon Anderson sekä progressiivisen rockin veteraani Roine Stolt julkaisevat yhteisen albuminsa nimeltä ”Invention of Knowledge” 24. kesäkuuta InsideOut Musicin kautta. Projektille on julkaistu omat Facebook-sivut. Lue tästä Jon Andersonin kommentit albumista sekä kuuntele teaseri:

“…..Music is always the driving force in my life…working with such a wonderful musician as Roine Stolt made the creation of this album very unique,we are very excited with the release of ’Invention of Knowledge’.“
Roine Stolt adds: “It is not aiming at being new Yes music; just new music, modern and classical, rock and ethno, tribal and orchestrated, grooving and floating. Hopefully in the true spirit of “progressive” – leaning forward, surprising and also comforting with familiar run-arounds.
We’ve been “inventing” as we go along – Jon is an endless source of new ideas. We’ve been bouncing ideas back and forth for months and as a result there are probably dozens of versions of these songs. It’s been a very interesting and rewarding time and the result is just insanely detailed.”
InsideOut label-head Thomas Waber comments: “I have been talking to Jon for ages about making an album of ‘Yes music’ – as Jon calls it – and Roine seemed like the perfect guy for him to work with. I am really happy that it has finally happened and I am also thrilled with the material they have come up with. I think it will please a lot of fans!”


Invention of Knowledge
1. Invention (09:41)
2. We Are Truth (06:41)
3. Knowledge (06:30)

4. Knowing (10:31)
5. Chase and Harmony (07:17)

Everybody Heals
6. Everybody Heals (07:36)
7. Better by Far (02:03)
8. Golden Light (03:30)

9. Know… (11:13)

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