Judas Priest joutuu perumaan keikkoja Rob Halfordin sairastumisen vuoksi

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 6.4.2022

Englantilainen heavy metal -legenda Judas Priest kiertää parhaillaan Yhdysvaltoja kiertueen merkeissä. Yhtye on joutunut perumaan muutamia konsertteja bändin laulajan Rob Halfordin sairastuttua flunssaan kesken kiertueen mutta bändin on määrä jatkaa keikkailua 7. päivä huhtikuuta Scotiabank Centressa Halifaxissa Nova Scotiassa Kanadassa. Yhtyeen kitaristi Richie Faulkner on paljastanut asian tuoreessa East Coast Liven haastattelussa ja kertonut aiheesta seuraavaa:

”We’re resting up. Yesterday, we had to, unfortunately, cancel the show. And the reason for that is so that we can preserve our health and get better. Rob’s [Halford, PRIEST singer] got a bit of a cold. So we can preserve our health, get back on track and do the rest of the shows in Canada. Yeah, that’s what we’re aiming to do.

”Obviously, [some of] these [other] guys [in PRIEST] have been doing it for 50 years; I’ve been doing it for a few years with them. Even if you don’t tour as a musician, we all get sick from time to time. It’s gonna happen. When you’re on the road, it’s a rigorous schedule. And even pre-COVID, now post-COVID, so to speak, you’re gonna catch bugs and stuff like that; it’s just part of the life we lead. And obviously being a singer, if it was me or Ian [Hill, bass] or Scott [Travis, drums] or Andy [Sneap, guitar], I think we could maybe just hammer through it, but obviously when your instrument’s your voice, it’s a bit harder to do. So he’s resting up, he’s resting his voice, he’s on some meds, and he’s gonna get through it.”