Judas Priestin ja Panteran jäseniltä uusi yhtye Elegant Weapons

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 26.10.2022

Englantilaisen heavy metal -legenda Judas Priestin kitaristi Richie Faulkner on perustanut uuden Elegant Weapons -nimisen yhtyeen yhdessä laulaja Ronnie Romeron (Rainbow), rumpali Scott Travisin (Judas Priest) sekä basisti Rex Brownin (Pantera) kanssa. Yhtyeen musiikkia kuvaillaan yhdistelmäksi Jimi Hendrixia, Judas Priestia, Black Sabbathia, Ozzy Osbournen soolomateriaalia sekä Black Label Societya ja bändin debyyttialbumi ”Horns For A Halo” julkaistaan vuonna 2023 Nuclear Blastin kautta. Richie Faulkner kertoo projektista, jonka debyyttialbumin on tuottanut Andy Sneap seuraavaa:

“It’s exciting to be part of a label like Nuclear Blast that has such a rich history and level of respect among fans and the music industry. Monte Conner [Nuclear Blast VP A&R] knows Andy Sneap well, and Andy has always held Monte and label in very high regard. Monte has loved the record from the very early demo stages. It’s very valuable and important to me that the label I sign with understand and connect with the music. This record represents for me more of my DNA as a guitar player and a songwriter. Heavy, but moving slightly outside the realms of ‘heavy metal.’ Those roots are obvious, but I wanted to reach in a bit and see what else came out that wasn’t necessarily ‘expected’.”

Faulkner kertoo yhtyeen kokoonpanosta seuraavaa:

“I’ve always wanted to make a record with Scott outside of Priest. Add to that Rex Brown’s unmistakable tone and attitude is something special. Having those guys as the rhythm section is a guitar player’s dream. The icing on the cake was Ronnie Romero. One of the new breed of instantly classic vocalists, Ronnie brought a character and a swagger to the songs that is instantly iconic, making these songs his own.”