K. K. Downing: ”Olen avoin keskustelulle Judas Priestin juhlakiertueelle osallistumisesta”

Englantilaisesta heavy metal -legenda Judas Priestista vuonna 2010 lähtenyt kitaristi K. K. Downing olisi halukas tekemään yhtyeeseen paluun ensi vuonna kaavaillulle juhlakiertueelle bändin täyttäessä 50 vuotta. K. K. on ilmoittanut kiinnostuksensa tuoreessa DJ Yentonianin haastattelussa ja kertonut olevansa avoin keskustelulle juhlakiertueeseen mukaan liittymisestä. K. K. kertoi aiheesta seuraavaa:

”Well, I’m certainly open to any conversations, as I always say to those guys. I’ve said it pretty openly — what’s happened has happened. Everybody in the band knew why I left the band, quit the band. Everybody in the band knew I had good reason to quit the band, because nobody, nobody quits a lifetime of invested time and energy into something and walks away from it that easily.”

”Can I draw you guys a comparison? And it might be a rubbish comparison, but I always think that if any of you guys ever left your girlfriend or your wife, or whatever, and your parents had gone, ’Oh, but she was lovely. You guys were made for each other. You got on so well.’ And you think, ’No, she was evil’ — can I say ’evil bitch’? Because I’ve been there. But only you understand, because you are the ones behind closed doors having to deal with it all. On the outside, you put on a good face for everybody. But the thing is, just because everybody tells you that person is good and you shouldn’t leave and you should go back, you know better, don’t you? And you can’t do it. As much as you’d like to, you can’t do it — until circumstances change. And, obviously, circumstances [in PRIEST] did change, which left an opening for me. But all the guys decided not to keep the door open for me. Because the controlling entity still had control — unfortunately.”

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