K.K. Downing: ”Toivoisin saavani istua vielä samaan pöytään Judas Priestin kanssa keskustelemaan tulevaisuudestani bändissä”

Englantilaisesta heavy metal -legenda Judas Priestista tunnettu K.K. Downing tekee paluun keikkalavoille yhdessä Ross ”The Boss” Friedmanin kanssa Bloodstock Open Airissa 11. päivä elokuuta. K.K. antoi hiljattain keikkaan liittyen The Metal Voicelle haastattelun, jossa hän kertoi odottavansa keikkaa innolla ja uskovansa portin Judas Priestiin olevan suljettu lopullisesti. Nyt K.K. on julkaissut antamaansa haastatteluun liittyen virallisen tiedotteen, jonka mukaan hän toivoisi vielä joskus pääsevänsä istumaan Judas Priestin jäsenten kanssa samaan pöytään keskustelemaan mahdollisesta liittymisestään takaisin bändiin. Voit lukea tiedotteen tästä:

”Hi everyone, K.K. here…

I feel the need to address some information that has gone out in recent news articles on the Blabbermouth site.

In the build-up to my appearance at Bloodstock with Ross The Boss in August, a few news outlets have inevitably asked me for an interview. As has been the case with every interview I’ve done since my book came out last year, I’ve made every effort to answer questions honestly and in a manner that is respectful to my fans and peers. These aren’t interviews that I’ve sought out to promote any ulterior agenda of mine; I’ve simply been promoting my book and my upcoming gig with Ross, and supporting the various media outlets that have been so kind to me throughout my career.

Inevitably — as interviews and the comments made within them get re-presented by news outlets — things can get changed and put out of context.

Recently, I did an interview with The Metal Voice, the contents of which were published on Blabbermouth on July 25th. When asked about the future, I simply said as follows from the recording now on YouTube.

I thought at some point the time would come around when it would be my time to re-enter into the band and carry on where I left off, but its proved not to be the case Jimmy so I have to accept that and just move forward.

However, in the tab in the news section of Blabbermouth that links to the Metal Voice interview, there is a different headline that reads: ’Downing wants to ’Move Forward’ after Priest exit.’

This headline, is not what I said, there is a huge difference between wanting to and having to. I have requested to the band members the opportunity for us all to get in a room and talk. I still hope that’ll happen. But to date the band have refused me that opportunity. I wanted to release this statement for the purposes of honesty and clarity.

All the best, K.K.”

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