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Lapin yö luo outoa taikaa.

Suomi – metallimusiikin luvattu maa, jossa on metallibändejä väkilukuun suhteutettuna enemmän kuin missään muualla maailmassa. Suomi on voittanut jopa Euroviisut hevillä. Maa, jonka yhtenä kansantalouden kulmakivenä ja vienninedistäjänä maailmalla voidaan pitää metallimusiikkia. Meillä on Suomessa hienoja, isoja, maailmanlaajuisesti tunnettuja metallibändejä, ja aivan helvetin paljon pieniä ja ahkeria bändejä, jotka ansaitsevat myös tulla kuulluiksi. Nightwish, HIM, Children of Bodom ja Amorphis ovat kaikki aloittaneet pieninä paikallisina bändeinä ja myöhemmin pitkän puurtamisen jälkeen kohonneet asemaan, jossa nykyään ovat. Tämän artikkelisarjan tarkoitus on nostaa esille suurelle yleisölle tuntemattomampia suomalaisia bändejä.


Tällä kertaa haastattelu on poikkeuksellisesti englanniksi. Jututimme Neorhythm -nimistä orkesteria, joka saamiemme tietojen mukaan on saapunut maahamme suoraan ulkoavaruuden laitamilta.

In the terrifying void and vast darkness of space no-one can hear you scream. Or play the guitar or any other instrument for that matter. So kids, todays article is about interstellar space travel, bad luck and the betterment of mankind in the form of metal music. The basis of this incredible survival story and mayday-call made from Lapland region to connect our to alien visitors with their kind somehow were intercepted by my Kaaoszine Universal Translation Device™ and made me ask about the band. I managed to decipher some of the main information in the form of music. Afterwards I made contact with Red Two, who is responsible for Neorhythms communications.

Aliens in Lapland.

Red Two: – We are Neorhythm, new word in world of metal. Our storyline begins from a distant planet in the constellation E61,3 (which we call Neuw ourselves), two renegade traitors of interstellar spaces from the red subrace of Nameless decided to penetrate the Virgo Supercluster. It happened on the earthly calendar in the 1703 year. For more than 300 years our spaceship has plowed through the galaxy until it came across the Milky Way to the bright yellow dwarf G2V, which you call Sol.
A strong stream of stellar wind carried us to the orbit of planet Earth, where as a result of a breakdown of one of the plasma engines we were forced to land in the geographic terrestrial region of Lapland, in a barren taiga. Since we needed help, we sent encrypted sound signals to all regions of the universe,as well as to the top leaders of the human Terra planet, to provide us with technological support. Our signals, converted into musical scales, were intercepted by the developed radio frequencies of earthlings, and you can now listen to them in the form that you call songs.

Kuva: Jonas Vesrtuyft

Telepathy, guitars and meteor showers.

Red Two: – When we crashed in to the tundra and tried to figure out how to send our location data to find help during the long polar nights, the idea about creation of music came back to our blood calling by itself. It was just born within us!

– Technically speaking, Red One picks up a guitar and begins to play on composing riffs and rhythms. Then He telepathically sends me ready-made structures with fullness, and I impose my thought-images on poetry with the help of my Gift.

– Because we are aliens from another galaxy, we have no schools. The two of us belong to a separate race of artists, i.e. We are already being born with such a biological and psychological purpose. And then of course, like people on Earth, we make friends with someone and a psychosomatic connection is established with best of all. Then a musical band is formed, or a circle of artists, circle of poets. We do not have individual names, and centuries have passed, as we are together already.

Red Two

”Our texts certainly carry a positive bright attitude. We are against wars, murders, bringing evil to someone alive.”

Red Two: – The are just the two of us. This is perfectly enough for composing and recording metal music, although symphonic operas were most often composed by two people as well.
Maybe we will take then someone from earthlings into the line-up.

– In June of this year, we released our debut big album ”Zetetic” by ourselves, and now in November we released a new EP ”Meteoric Thoughts”. It was just that in the summer we were overwhelmed with ideas, in the spirit of a debut album, and themes that we didn’t say in the lyrics. Now we are starting to write a completely new material, which will differ conceptually from the debut album.

– The music came to us from space. These are all those sounds of unknown origin that we heard in our long flight to Earth in the space of the Cosmos, remembered and transferred to musical instruments.

Red One

Humanity in the eyes of aliens.

”While we are on your planet, we will continue to illuminate your minds with our creativity.”

Red Two: –  Our texts are mainly about what we saw on earth, about man-made, and about what we know outside of this galaxy. Our texts certainly carry a positive bright attitude. We are against wars, murders, bringing evil to someone alive. – The fact that you are engaged in a good deed, it warms the soul, it is work with the subtle world, which purifies both you and everyone in touch, which brings true joy.

– Our musical influences derive mostly within Scandinavian metal, but we are constantly expanding our musical horizons. Of course, the Finnish metal scene is one of the best in the world, and all the subgenres of heavy music are developed here. Thousands of bands are just great, although bands that play music just like ours there are very few in Finland. We still don’t refer ourselves specifically to the Finnish metal community – we are a band for the whole earthly world that has come from outside!

Red Two: Neorhytms main goal is to express yourself as much as possible, pull it out, what is torn from our minds and so that it leaves a mark on people.

– Our music is like a meteor shower from the huge boulders falling to the ground in the rhythm of the heart, and from the dissection of the air space and the quivering earth the screams and wheezes come. Brain clearing music. The future is unknown sometimes. We are simply the best souvenirs from the Cosmos for the Earth. While we are on your planet, we will continue to illuminate your minds with our creativity.

Red One
Red Two

Zetetic LP: http://smarturl.it/Zetetic

Discography: https://neorhythm.bandcamp.com/music

Merch: https://neorhythm.bandcamp.com/merch

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neorhythmofficial/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neorhythmofficial/

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