Kaikkien aikojen pelottavimmat bändit: katso Blend Guitarin Top 10 -listaus

Blend Guitar video

Youtuben syövereistä kaivoimme liki vuosi sitten julkaistun videon, jossa Blend Guitar listasi kaikkien aikojen kymmenen pelottavinta bändiä. Bändien valinta perustuu lavaesityksiin, sanoituksiin, asusteisiin ja siihen kuinka puhtaina yleisö säilyi keikkojen jälkeen.

Amerikkalainen LA Weekly teki oman listauksensa viime vuonna, jolloin kärkeen pääsi suomalainen Oranssi Pazuzu.

Katso Blend Guitarin video ja perustelut alta:

10. Kiss may have turned into a novelty spectacle, selling out large arenas with their theatrics and rock and roll anthems. But consider that a common occurrence at a KISS concert is having lead singer Gene Simmons breathe fire and spit blood. And they’re even more terrifying without their make up on. Just ask Terry Gross.

9. Slipknot could cast their own horror movie. All nine members wear matching uniforms, but each wears a different creepy mask and are only known by numbers. Their lyrics have inspired a pair of killers and a grave robbing, making the band scarier than just a group of guys in masks.

8. Speaking of bands in masks, Gwar are more well known for their insane outfits and stage presence than their music. The band’s many members all known by unusual names such as Oderus Urungus and Sleazy P. Martini, some of whom are slaves.

7. Germany’s Rammstein became a surprise hit in America with their song “Du Hast,” which translates to “you hate,” but the band has been even more controversial with their offensive videos and shows. One of their music videos featured unsimulated sex acts with look-alikes of the band, and their performances at the Family Values Tour got them arrested.

6. Slayer has become one of the biggest names in thrash metal, but has also become one of the most controversial. The band has been accused of having Nazi sympathies, being white supremacists and Satanists. While the band has denied all accusations, their music is still shocking, such as “Jihad,” about September 11th and their album cover for Christ Illusion, which was banned in many places.

5. Marilyn Manson has easily become the most famous of the shock-rockers, who seem to only want to gain controversy through their actions. With Manson, it’s worked.

4. This British metal band has inched away from the black metal genre over the years, and some might say that its affect on the senses has lessened since that time. But going through the Cradle of Filth catalog, there is still some seriously eerie material.

3. Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth allegedly got its start after guitarist made a deal with the devil. At a concert in Poland, the band put sheep heads on stakes, had four naked crucifixes on stage and featured 80 liters of sheep’s blood.

2. GG Allin, born Jesus Christ Allin, used to take laxatives before sets so that he could defecate on stage and throw it into the audience. Allin was known for ending his shows covered in feces and blood.

1. Mayhem wins scariest band easily by truly living up to their name. Their vocalist, Dead, would cut himself with knives and glass on stage and would sometimes have pig and sheep heads impaled. The band moved to a house in a forest, where Dead committed suicide. Dead slit his wrists and shot himself in the head with a shotgun. His suicide note said “Excuse all the blood, cheers” and apologized for shooting the gun indoors.

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