Kamelotin Tommy Karevik keikkailusta koronan jälkeen: ”Ihmiset tulevat janoamaan viihdettä ja musiikkia”

Kirjoittanut Janne Ollikainen - 17.8.2020

Yhdysvaltalaisen sinfonista metallia soittavan Kamelotin laulaja Tommy Karevik kävi kertomassa kuulumisiaan Bandbondin haastattelussa. Karevik kertoi kuinka Kamelotin leirissä on selvitty korona-ajasta ja siitä millaista kiertäminen ja keikkailu tulee olemaan koronan laannuttua. Laulajan mukaan he ovat olleet yhtyeen kanssa onnekkaita, sillä heillä oli alun perinkin tulossa taukoa keikkailusta, ja heidän oli tarkoitus keskittyä tulevaan levyyn. Karevik kertoi:

”Everything’s pretty much been business as usual for [KAMELOT]. Everything was planned this way when we had a kind of gap that we thought that we would work on the new album, and it’s scheduled to be released next year. So we had this gap to work on it now.

The way it works for, I think, most bands now is that you work the Internet way. And that’s what we do. Except for I usually go down to Germany to put the bits and pieces together in the end with all the vocals and the last arranging and everything for the album. We don’t know what that looks like yet.

We’ve been pretty lucky. We didn’t have a lot of touring scheduled for this year due to the work on the album, so it’s been pretty good for us. We’ve been in a really lucky situation.”

Koronapandemian laanntumisen jälkeen Karevik toivoo, että ihmiset tulevat keikoille. Hän uskoo, että ihmiset janoavat musiikkia ja viihdettä, koska se on tärkeä osa ihmisten elämiä:

 ”It’s a little alarming. This just keeps on going — it kind of stretches out over time. When it all started, we thought that [it would last] a couple of months maybe, and now it looks like years maybe.

It’s not an amazing time to be an artist at this point. Of course, [if] you’re gonna release an album, you wanna see all your fans.

I don’t know, to be honest — I really don’t know. I think no one knows what it’s gonna be like. But for sure, it’s a little scary time to be depending on a vaccine, I think.

I hope that when this ends — ’cause it will end at some point — I don’t think it’ll look the exact same as it did before COVID, but I think it’s gonna get back to a good level of people being able to tour and stuff.

I think people will be starved for music and entertainment, ’cause I think it’s really important. Even if that’s the last thing to come back to people, ’cause it’s not necessary to survive — it’s not like food or a roof over your head — but it’s more important, maybe, than you think for people to actually be able to see their favorite band or go to a social gathering. So I hope people will be coming out to the shows when it’s time.”