Kanadalainen Teeth Nuclear Blast Recordsin talliin

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 29.9.2022

Kanadan Ontariosta tuleva hardcore/metal-yhtye Teeth on solminut sopimuksen Nuclear Blast Recordsin kanssa. Bändi julkaisee sopimuksen kunniaksi 28. päivä lokakuuta EP:n ”575”, joka sisältää neljä jo aiemmin julkaistua kappaletta.

TEETH has always been – and always will be – a passion project for us. A visceral creative outlet not to be marred by outside influence or external pressure to achieve anything but creating music that we enjoy. We promised ourselves that if the opportunity to work with a label ever arose, they’d have to share our artistic vision, and ultimately want to help TEETH connect with everyone who’d listen.

”When we began talking to Nuclear Blast at the beginning of the pandemic, it became immediately apparent they checked those boxes. Growing up listening to bands like HATEBREED, MINISTRY, and SLAYER and eventually discovering artists like NAILS, it felt like Nuclear Blast understood everything TEETH stands for, and aspires to be.

”So, with that said, we’re excited to finally announce that we are now part of the Nuclear Blast family. We’re just getting started.”



  1. Destroyer
  2. Filth
  3. Smother
  4. Deathrace